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Browne Academy Board of Trustees



Browne Academy’s Board of Trustees is responsible for the strategic future of Browne Academy, the fiscal stability of the school, for broad policy, and for selecting and supporting the Head of School. The Head of School is the educational leader, promoting the school’s vision and overseeing daily operations.

  • Joan DeBoer, Board Chair
  • Charles Platt, Vice Chair
  • Peggy Otey, Head of School
  • Dawn Biggins
  • Rudy Brioché
  • Roslyn Brooks
  • Julia Ebron
  • Valerie Hardy
  • Ben Lowsen

  • John Nash
  • Cecelia Prewett
  • Jeffrey Short
  • Ashley Saville
  • David Strickland
  • Tisza Swain
  • Patricia St. George
  • Marija Zivanovic-Smith
  • Peter Aliferis, Trustee Emeritus