Browne Debuts New Health & Wellness Center

September 21, 2022

The director of health services reads a book to a class of young students in the health center

Browne Academy is proud to announce the opening of its on-campus Health and Wellness Center. As we emerge from the pandemic and the documented toll it took on children’s mental wellbeing, Browne recognized the importance of having the resources readily available to meet the needs of the whole child. Our new center incorporates a holistic approach to school health services for each student’s body and mind. Approaching physical and mental health collaboratively, with the collective goal of improving our students’ learning and overall well-being, is vital as we address the challenges children are now facing. 

The Health and Wellness Center is a dedicated space centrally located on campus. Browne’s Director of Health Services Shannon Naik, BSN, RN and School Counselor Serie Haeseler, LCSW, work closely with parents, families, support staff, and teachers to improve social, emotional, behavioral health and advance the academic success of our students. Along with Mrs. Naik’s and Ms. Haeseler’s private offices, the center includes a wellness space and a private, separate “sick” room. 

The center also serves as a health and wellness education and resource center, dedicated to the entire Browne Academy community, including parents, families, faculty and staff. Browne is committed to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DEIB), and the Health and Wellness Center strives to deliver care that preserves and protects the autonomy, dignity, and privacy of all students, families, faculty, and staff. 

Mrs. Naik commented, “We designed the center as a safe space on campus to support our students’ healthy development, wellness, and mental health by offering direct access to professional health support and services. The center brings our Browne Academy community together with a shared vision for equity and the healthy development of our students. The center helps keep children healthy, safe, and ready to learn.​”


A wall in the health center with a sign that reads,
The health center examination bed
A book shelf under a sign that says,
The health center. A room with a couch on one end and two seats on the other. There is also a book shelf, a few small coffee tables, and a small drink station.