Ms. Culbreth Hosts Inaugural Book Tasting in Browne’s Library

October 27, 2022

A female student sits at a table shocked while reading a book

Browne has carefully filled its library with books to interest a lot of different age groups and diversify our selections. A sampling of new books fell into the hands of readers recently at the first Browne Book Tasting! Students from each lower school grade visited the restaurant to “taste,” or sample, recent additions to the library. Everyone was excited to meet and get to know some new characters. Seeing characters that reflect their culture and identity helps students see their place in society, learn about the experiences of others, and understand that everyone’s stories matter. Students even left reviews to recommend their favorites to others. One reviewer gave her book a 10-star(!) review, saying “It’s funny, creative, silly. Good job. A+!” They were eager to check out their finds from the library and share these literary discoveries with their families. Building a love of reading is a key component of the Browne experience.


A teacher in a chef's hat and oven mit smiles and waves at the camera
3 students sit at a table for reading exercises, two are smiling at the camera for a photo
A male student sits at a table shocked while reading a book
A poster with the Yelp logo surrounded by papers from students