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Browne Academy


Two students and two event organizers stand for a photo next to a 'C-SPAN Student Cam' event sign

Browne 8th Graders Win Honorable Mention in C-SPAN Competition

Browne Academy 8th graders Ariella Braun and Connor Stehn recently won Honorable Mentions in the nationwide C-SPAN StudentCam competition. The…

Two students, a boy and a girl, sit on steps outside

Browne Students are Flying Through Local Aviation Program

Fifth graders Sachio and Sasha are soaring high, not just figuratively in Browne classrooms, but literally as flight students in…

A female student sits at a table shocked while reading a book

Ms. Culbreth Hosts Inaugural Book Tasting in Browne’s Library

Browne has carefully filled its library with books to interest a lot of different age groups and diversify our selections.

A clutch of Trout eggs sit suspended on a mesh screen in their tank

Browne Partners with Trout Unlimited

Browne’s middle school science department has an ongoing partnership with the Northern Virginia Chapter of Trout Unlimited to raise trout…

A bulletin board hangs with the question surrounded by student responses

What Happens When You Own Your Learning?

Ownership of learning means a student is motivated, engaged, and self-directed with a sense of autonomy, choice, and responsibility in…

Three students and a teacher study a map with one student pointing out something specific

Studying the Stone Age through Different Lenses

In a joint English and history class, Browne 5th graders used the literary device of symbolism to represent how geography influences…

An older student sits outside with two younger students reading a book to them

Browne’s Buddy Program – Fostering Community & Growth

This year’s Buddy activities launched today! Browne’s Buddy program, one of the school’s hallmarks, pairs older and younger students throughout…