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8th Grade Capstone

June 27, 2023

The 8th grade Capstone project provides students with the skills necessary to negotiate the challenges of twenty-first century learners in a global, interconnected community. Students increase personal knowledge of current events locally, nationally and globally. Using the Design Thinking Model, students select a topic on which to conduct in depth research. The process includes a research paper which defines a “problem” identified with their topic, a solution to the problem, and ideas for a prototype that could potentially solve the problem. A first person interview is conducted by each student with an expert in the field of their chosen topic. Throughout the project, eighth graders learn how to be experienced writers, critical thinkers, public speakers, and skilled researchers.

The culmination of the Capstone project are individual presentations given to families and members of the Browne community, which includes a slide presentation and a question and answer session.