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Language Arts

September 13, 2023

Throughout the lower grades, students are building literacy skills which will grant them access to the world around them. A combination of multi sensory teaching, games, targeted instruction, and independent practice ensures the mastery of skills while simultaneously helping students fall in love with reading and writing. Students receive instruction from the teacher as a class, and are then able to independently practice new skills in materials that are differentiated based on their appropriate level. Teachers work closely in small groups or one-on-one settings to support each child. Students often work in pairs to edit and collaborate, deepening comprehension and understanding. Our students become autonomous readers and writers, as they are able to use their own interest and background knowledge to apply what they are learning at school. Our literacy instruction is solidly rooted in phonics and helps students make sense of the many ways the English language works. Targeted phonological awareness instruction helps students become strong decoders and great spellers, boosting their confidence as they tackle new reading and writing challenges. From making predictions and rhyming, to rewriting fairy tales and sharing scientific observations, our students become empowered and effective readers and writers in the Lower School.