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Physical Education

June 27, 2023

In the Middle School physical education program, the main goal is to create a welcoming environment where every child, regardless of athletic ability, can find a way to thrive. Browne Academy follows a curriculum loosely based around team sports, where the focus is learning cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship. The major sports covered are soccer, flag football, volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, paddleball, handball, ultimate Frisbee, kickball, wiffle ball, softball, tennis, lacrosse, swimming, and archery. As the students grow older and their sport-specific skills improve, the emphasis in class turns to defensive and offensive strategies and higher level thinking about the game as a team. Throughout the year, students have a chance to individually work on their personal goal setting with the teachers’ daily fitness warm ups. The variety of these exercises challenges students in as many different aspects of physical exertion as possible to help everyone find an aspect of fitness they can enjoy.