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Browne Academy

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A female student sits at a table shocked while reading a book

Ms. Culbreth Hosts Inaugural Book Tasting in Browne’s Library

Browne has carefully filled its library with books to interest a lot of different age groups and diversify our selections.

A clutch of Trout eggs sit suspended on a mesh screen in their tank

Browne Partners with Trout Unlimited

Browne’s middle school science department has an ongoing partnership with the Northern Virginia Chapter of Trout Unlimited to raise trout…

A bulletin board hangs with the question surrounded by student responses

What Happens When You Own Your Learning?

Ownership of learning means a student is motivated, engaged, and self-directed with a sense of autonomy, choice, and responsibility in…

Three students and a teacher study a map with one student pointing out something specific

Studying the Stone Age through Different Lenses

In a joint English and history class, Browne 5th graders used the literary device of symbolism to represent how geography influences…

An older student sits outside with two younger students reading a book to them

Browne’s Buddy Program – Fostering Community & Growth

This year’s Buddy activities launched today! Browne’s Buddy program, one of the school’s hallmarks, pairs older and younger students throughout…

The director of health services reads a book to a class of young students in the health center

Browne Debuts New Health & Wellness Center

Browne Academy is proud to announce the opening of its on-campus Health and Wellness Center. As we emerge from the…